Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews and buying guide of 2020

You have finally managed to find a working formula to keep your wallet expanding, and you can now enjoy the best things in life. Unfortunately, the wallet is not the only thing that has been experiencing expansion, but your belly fat as well.

According to Science, belly fat and the general body fat has a wide variety of risk factors, and it is best to avoid it as much as possible.

Forget that you have been procrastinating on joining that gym membership because of the tight schedule that you maintain. There is a convenient way of putting in some workouts to keep you lean and healthy.

The treadmill as one of the options but it has a bigger footprint, and it may stress your joints in one way or another.

On the other hand, the Best Folding Exercise Bike not only provides versatile workouts but only takes a small space in your living room. But the options on the market are quite significant. Worry not!

We took some considerable amount of time to curate the following list and to make your choice easier.

Our Pick of Top-Rated Folding Exercise Bike

One of the major reasons for choosing a folding exercise bike is its smaller footprint, convenient features, and portability. in the majority of the cases, foldable design is not quiet, and sturdy because of the many joints.

In that regard, finding the best exercise bike that is strong, quiet, and with a small footprint, is not an easy feat. Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike, 400 lbs

However, it is not impossible, and Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike highlights that fact.

The exercise bike has 20% more steel than the others you find on the market. It is more powerful and durable.

Even better, the folding exercise bike has a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs. The others do not get this close, and it highlights the quality of the exercise bike.

It has a comfortable seat cushion, and you can exercise for a long time without complaining of pain and other ailments. The exercise bike is quiet and has a large LCD screen that provides information regarding the workout.

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7 best Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews

And while there are so many folding exercise bikes on the market, it is not all of them that can fit the description of the best.

If you consider all the factors that contribute to the efficiency, comfort, and usefulness of a folding bike, then you will only have a handful of what you can call the best.

That’s exactly what we did to Curate the following for you.

Exerpeutic Folding Heavy Duty 300 lbs. with Optional Bluetooth

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse

Comfort, user-friendliness, and durability are some of the highlight features associated with this exercise bike. Essentially, it is exercise equipment that every exercise buff will find useful.

But why do we say so?

Anything special about it?

Weight Capacity

With a weight limit of up to 300 lbs, you can understand why the exerpeutic folding recumbent bike is a favorite of many people.

You can start exercising to lose weight without getting jittery that the exercise bike may crumble under your weight. That’s a possibility with some exercise bikes on the market.


You cannot achieve your exercise goals on equipment that are uncomfortable. in other words, you cannot stay longer on an awkward exercise bike.

But that is not something you are going to experience with this product. It is comfortable in every way.

The large seat cushion accommodates your weight quickly, and you can exercise appropriately. You will not get off it complaining of hurting back after having a few sessions.

In contrast, it is something that you will not want to get off it, because it is comfortable, and you have the motivation to cut a few pounds.

The advantage of having a comfortable seat on the exercise bike is that you will find yourself sitting on it when doing other things, such as watching your favorite program.

You will be exercising when enjoying the little pleasures of life, such as Netflix and chill. Maybe not chill, but nothing will stop so that you can cut weight.

It is also stress-free to get on and off, and don’t have to struggle in that regard. Some of us don’t have the energy to lift our legs so much in the morning when we get up or late in the evening after work.

The cranking system provides a smooth pedaling and which you will find most encouraging when working out.

It is smooth and consistent to support the right concentration in everything that you do. You may be doing something that requires focus, and the pedaling system is as comfortable as possible.

Magnetic Tension

The folding exercise bike has an efficient magnetic tension. You can adjust the tension by up to 8 levels according to your needs. In most cases, the eight levels are sufficient for a good workout. You can increase as you build more strength and become fitter.

Another benefit of the magnetic tension is that it is smooth and quiet, which is unlike other tension systems used by exercise bikes on the market. That is why the exercise bike is one of the most efficient to use in households.


The exercise bike is adjustable between 5’3” and 6’1”. Depending on your height, we can pretty much say that it is sufficient.

You can easily adjust according to your comfort level.

Talking of comfort level, sometimes you don’t have the energy to exercise on the bike when it is high up, and you need to bring it down a bit.

Furthermore, functionality is essential to accommodate different people in the household.

The large and bright LCD screen

The LCD screen is large and bright. You can read out the calories burned, distance traveled, pulse, speed, and time scan.

Typically, you have all the information that you need to determine how well you are doing, and that is the main idea.

Portable and Lightweight

The primary goal of getting a folding exercise bike is it’s lightweight and compact design, and that is what you get with this model. It folds up to half its original size, effortlessly.

Apart from its unique compact size, it has small wheels that aid in transportation.

You can, therefore, move it from one place to the other with ease, and keep it away from the children as well as pets.

Children are quite curious, and the moving parts can hurt them if left unsupervised.


  • The exercise bike has a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs
  • It has a large comfortable seat
  • Adjustable and comfortable depending on your height
  • A large LCD screen that provides all the information you need when working out
  • It has a smooth and soft cranking system
  • Folds up to half its size and has transportation wheels
  • An efficient magnetic tension with up to 8 levels


  • The mileage may not go beyond 999.9 miles
  • The pedal straps are not the best quality
  • It may not be for heavy-duty use

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

The folding recumbent bike is comfortable and compact. It is especially ideal for those people that have a small space to spare.

The folding recumbent bike doesn’t take too much of your area.


The dual transmission system that utilizes the v-belt is quiet and comfortable. The same case applies to the hi-torque 3-piece cranking that provides an efficient pedaling for pleasurable use.

You can, therefore, do other activities such as watch your favorite program, and workout at the same time.

The large seat cushion as comfortable as well, and you don’t have to keep fidgeting when working out, and that is a good thing. It provides adequate shock absorption, and you can practice without any pain whatsoever to achieve your workout goals.

After all, that is what you are after, and nothing should come in between, such as hurting buttocks.

The backrest is comfortable as well, and appropriate for users of various sizes.

It is adjustable up to 6 feet 2 inches from users of 5 feet 2 inches. That means two things; you can customize the size to fit according to your comfort, and you can share it with others comfortably.

The recumbent design is another crucial point of comfort.

You are more comfortable, and you can exercise more without any problems. In particular, the recumbent design is most appropriate for people recovering from a form of injury to the joints or back.

8 level magnetic tension

Another important feature that most exercise enthusiasts find useful is the 8-level magnetic tension. That means you have the option of choosing from the most comfortable tension to the hardest based on your fitness level.

It is not always stress-free when you are starting, and you must have a starting point.

The folding exercise bike has an easy starting point for people that consider themselves unfit for most other equipment such as a treadmill, and upright exercise bike.

With such a user-friendly machine, you no longer have an excuse not to start losing weight and keep fit as you should.

Clear LCD

The LCD is not only bright but also significant so that you can read out the information as you exercise. You don’t have to stop and get close to see the data, and that is a good thing for exercise enthusiasts.

Among the information that you can read that include the distance, speed, and calories burned. You can easily determine the time, scan, and pulse with the help of the LCD. That is almost every information that you need when working out.

The heart pulse rate on the handlebars are quite convenient, and in the majority of the cases, quite efficient.

Foldable Design

The foldable design of this exercise bike is what makes it one of the most innovative. It folds up to half the size, and you can quickly put it away until the next exercise session.

The foldable design also makes it compact, and it does not take a lot of space in the room.

The transportation wheels add to the portability of the device. You can fold it and push it quickly to where you want to store it.


  • The seat is adjustable
  • A large seat cushion and backrest to provide adequate comfort
  • Recumbent design for people recovering from injuries
  • Smooth magnetic tension that has up to 8 levels
  • User-friendly machine for people that are looking to start losing weight
  • The LCD is large and clear
  • Convenient heart pulse rate on the handlebars


  • It may not be appropriate for people over 6 feet tall
  • The assembly of the recumbent bike may take some time

Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike with Adjustable Resistance

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike with Adjustable Resistance for Cardio Workout and Strength Training NS-652

The Marcy foldable exercise bike is undoubtedly one of the most reliable brands in the world of exercise bikes, and nothing demonstrates that fact better than this foldable upright exercise bike.

It is understandable if you have been searching for proper exercise equipment with little or no success.

Good exercise equipment is not easy to come by, but this foldable exercise bike is one of the best.

So what features have it got to deserve a top spot?

Heavy-duty construction

The main worry of most people is that foldable exercise bikes may not have adequate strength for a good workout.

But, that is not the same with this exercise bike. It boasts a heavy-duty construction but can hold significant amounts of weight when exercising.

The 14 gauge high-quality frame can easily overcome abuse associated with constant shaking as you exercise. It remains in shape no matter the situation.


The adjustable foot straps and counterweighed pedals provide for a comfortable workout that you may not get from other exercise machines. Additionally, the padded seats have flexible foam, and you can change it according to your needs.

This feature is for hassle-free cycling.

The maximum weight limit is 250 pounds, which is sufficient in most cases. You will notice that the other exercise bikes in this review have a better weight limit.

However, this is a quality exercise bike, and you don’t need to worry about anything as long as you are within the weight limit.

Clear LCD panel

The LCD panel is wide and easy to read. It is quite clear that you can read it from a distance, and that is what most people want.

You don’t have to get close to read out information on it. But which information are we talking about?

Through the screen, you can determine calories burned, distance, speed, and pulse rate. As a result, you can monitor your progress easily.

Excellent Cardio Workout

It is not always that you find an efficient cardio workout machine that is convenient and functional like this one.

You can finally have the best workout within the comfort of your home; rain comes sunshine.

Every pedal targets the glutes, hamstrings, and quads for the best cardio workout that is incomparable to any other indoor machine. This builds up the muscles of your legs, and you can have well-toned muscles.

Adjustable Resistance

The foldable workout machine has an easy to change adjustable resistance that helps you advance in your workouts. You will eventually have to make progress, and the adjustable resistance makes sure of that.

No big deal here!

There are up to 8 preset levels that you can choose from when working out to achieve your goals.

Portable and foldable

People that have a treadmill or an upright exercise bike will tell you that moving this equipment is never easy. They also take a lot of space, and that is not a good thing for some of us with limited space.

Fortunately, this foldable exercise bike is compact and easy to fold. That means you can fold and reduce it to size for storage.

The rubberized foot base prevents damage to your precious laminate or tiled floor. You will also find that this feature provides decent stability to prevent movement.


  • Heavy-duty construction for confidence when working out
  • Adjustable foot straps and counterweighed pedals
  • Padded seats with flexible foam
  • Practical pedals that target the glutes, hamstrings, and quads
  • Eight preset levels that you can easily choose from
  • Rubberized foot base for stability
  • A bright LCD screen that helps you monitor the progress


  • It has a lower weight limit of 250 pounds compared to others
  • A few users complained that the seat is too high

Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike

Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike, 400 lbs

At slightly above 50 lbs, this foldable upright exercise bike is more substantial than most other of its peers.

However, that is mostly as far as the disadvantage goes. It is one of the best foldable exercise bikes that you can get to help you lose weight and stay fit.

Sturdy and strong

The exercise bike is sturdy and robust, which is more than the others you find on the market. But what makes it better in our opinion?

Well, with 20% more steel than its peers, you can understand why it is a favorite for many people. It can hold more weight than the competition.

But how much weight are we talking about?

In particular, the exercise bike can handle up to 400 lbs, which is more than most other bikes. That means as a 300-pounder, you can be confident that the machine can hold you without a problem. It does not stress over it.


But having a high weight capacity does not always mean that the exercise bike is comfortable. Well, you don’t need to worry about comfort with this exercise bike.

For starters, it is very easy to get on and off, and using it like a breeze.

Most of the time, you don’t have the energy to lift your leg, and it can be demotivating if the workout equipment requires you to lift your leg. Sometimes you don’t feel like doing it, and it is ok.

Another vital point of comfort is the large seat cushion that provides adequate support, and Shock absorption as you move side by side, working out on the bike. An uncomfortable seat can prematurely stop the workout because you would be hurting.

The seat is also adjustable up to 6 feet 5 inches from 5 feet 1 inch. That means anybody in the household can use it, as all they need to do is adjust the seat to fit their needs. It is what you can refer to as the best folding exercise bike for a tall man.

You will find a smooth and quiet cranking system to be quite efficient, and you can do something else, such as watch some political debate as you exercise.

No noise will interrupt, and that is one of the best things about this exercise bike.

The safety strap and larger pedal design make everything easy for you when exercising.

8- level Magnetic Tension

Some of us are already fit, and they don’t need to start at the simplest level of magnetic tension. But that is not the case for everybody. And the beauty of this exercise bike is that it has 8-level magnetic tension that you can adjust according to preferences and needs.

If you need to advance through the workouts, then it is possible to increase the resistance, add you can build strength over time.

The large LCD makes it possible to determine the distance; calories burned, heart rate, and speed. These are the most important metrics that help you decide whether or not you’re making any progress or not.


  • It has 20% more steel than the other exercise bikes
  • It has a high weight capacity of 400 lbs
  • The exercise bike is easy to get on and off
  • A comfortable large seat cushion
  •  it is adjustable to fit your requirements
  • 8-level magnetic tension
  • A large LCD
  • It has a smooth and quiet cranking system
  • The exercise bike has transportation wheels and folds up to half


  • It could be quite a stretch for short people
  • The exercise bike is not comfortable to put together
  • There are a few complaints regarding customer service

ProGear 225 Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Heart Pulse

ProGear 225 Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Heart Pulse

One of the essential things about exercising is to burn more calories than you are consuming.

But how do you achieve that? Well, by monitoring the heart rate, and the majority of the equipment on the market can help you do that.

Progear 225 not only gives you the right information to help burn calories but is also comfortable and easy-to-use.

Comfortable and Adjustable

The folding magnetic upright exercise bike is quite comfortable to use, and that is somehow motivating, especially when you are working out. The contoured seat cushion has an outstanding amount of foam to cushion you against a hard surface when working out.

One of the things that make cycling quite uncomfortable is the small seat with inadequate cushioning. You can argue that the fresh air, the sights, and the speed make the experience pleasant that you forget about the cushioning on the seat.

We cannot dispute that, but some of us need a comfortable seat when working out to prevent pains and injuries.

Ardent cyclists may also be fitter than you are, and you need to start somewhere comfortable. You need a soft landing to motivate you to go the extra distance, and that is precisely what you get from this full cushioned seat.

The exercise bike is also adjustable to fit different heights of the user. In particular, you can adjust from 5 feet to 6 feet of the user, and that is sufficient in most cases.

Well, this may not be the best folding exercise bike for a short person, but it is suitable for most people.

To avoid problems, make sure that the height is right for you, that is especially so if you are short individual.

The magnetic tension and 3-piece cranking system are comfortable to use. It does not make a lot of sounds, and your housemates will not complain when you are exercising to stay in shape. Losing a few pounds doesn’t have to come at the cost of the peace of mind of others.

The pedals have a larger design for comfortable handling. There are straps to keep your feet in place when exercising.

The accessory holder is quite convenient and provides a space where you can put your smartphone or another device when exercising. You don’t have to miss that critical phone call because the phone is a distance away.

Sturdy and Stable

What sets this exercise bike apart from the others is its stability and sturdy design. The robust Steel construction supports your weight comfortably, and you can exercise without any worries.

The exercise bike is also stable, thanks to such features as the leg stabilizer that you can easily adjust to accommodate your needs.


You experience a higher resistance workout with a dual flywheel, among other features.

The magnetic tension control system has up to 8 levels, and you can comfortably choose the most appropriate for you. You can increase the tension with time as you achieve your workout goals.

Quiet Operation

The exercise bike has a quiet operation, with the cranking system on the magnetic tensioning system demonstrating efficiency.

It is smooth and soft that your partner can enjoy some sleep while you put in some good workouts.

Portable and Compact

If you have a small space in your home, then we don’t need exercise equipment that will take so much space. All you need is a portable and compact exercise bike like this one.

It is not so heavy, and it can fold by up to a half for more accessible storage. The exercise bike also has transport wheels that you can use to push it from one room to the other.


  • A wide and comfortable seat to work out on
  • The exercise bike has an adjustable height
  • Magnetic tension and 3-piece cranking system that is comfortable to use
  • Accessory holder where you can put your mobile device or other devices
  • Adjustable leg stabilizers
  • Magnetic tension control system with up to 8 levels
  • The exercise bike has a quiet operation
  • Smooth and quiet for easier and comfortable workouts
  • Folds by up to a half


  • Several people say that it has a clicking sound
  • The seat is not very comfortable
  • It may not work for tall people that are over 5 feet 6 inches

Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Fully Adjustable Desk Folding Exercise Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Fully Adjustable Desk Folding Exercise Bike with Pulse

If you are one of those people that are so busy that there is little or no time to exercise, then this adjustable desk folding bike is just the right product for you.

So, what does it have that makes it one of the best?

Sliding Desktop

The exercise bike is quite comfortable and is the most appropriate for people with a lot to do on their laptops. In particular, it has a sliding desktop that you can use to get some work done while you exercise. You don’t waste any time, and you can kill two birds with one stone.

The best thing about this desktop is that it is adjustable. You can forward it, tilt it, and has up to 3 adjustable angles. That meant different people could use the sliding desktop as well as the exercise bike without a problem.

It is also essential to mention that you can use the sliding desk without having to exercise, and that makes it versatile.

The work surface of 24 inches feels like the typical work desk, and you can do your work without any restrictions whatsoever.

The benefits of this working desk exercise bike are that you can burn calories, fight depression, and keep fit while you work. You don’t lose anything.


The exercise bike is quite comfortable, and you can do your work quickly and effortlessly, and that, of course, is the main idea. Folding exercise bikes should allow you to do workouts comfortably without experiencing any pain associated with some other exercise equipment on the market.

The semi-recumbent design is one feature that makes it comfortable. It is especially useful for those that are recovering from some injury on their back or knees.

Weight capacity of 300 lbs is not so bad, and you can have peace of mind when exercising. You have to be sure that the exercise bike can handle your weight comfortably if you are going to feel safe and achieve your goals.

Compact and Portable

When fully assembled, the exercise bike can fold up pretty nicely, and you can store it comfortably. It only takes a small space, and that is a good thing if you live in those townhouses with limited spaces.

Apart from folding up nicely, the exercise bike has efficient transportation wheels that you will love using. It makes moving the exercise bike, effortless in every way.

Magnetic Tension

What makes the magnetic tension quite popular is its efficiency and quiet operation. You cannot compare it to other types of resistance typically used in indoor exercise bikes.

The eight levels of tension are quite sufficient in most cases, and you can choose the most appropriate for you according to your fitness levels. If you are starting, then the first level will be okay.

The double drive transmission system and three-piece toque cranking system all work together to make it an exercise bike functional so that you can achieve your workout goals.

It also has a heart pulse monitoring so that you can keep track of your progress, and determine whether you need to increase the intensity or not. A better pulse rate is critical to a high rate of burning calories.


  • It has a sliding desktop that you can use to get some work done while you exercise
  • The desktop is adjustable to accommodate your needs sufficiently
  • You can use the desktop without having to exercise
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • The exercise bike folds up pretty well and only takes a small space
  • A workspace of up to 24 inches


  • At 64 lbs, the exercise bike is heavy to move around easily
  • It can sometimes produce some cranking sounds after some time

XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike, Silver

The main idea of going for folding exercise bike is the small footprint associated with it. It only needs a small space in your living room or other rooms that you will be exercising.

But the best thing about this exercise bike is that it is sturdy and has a small footprint, the kind that people with small living spaces find useful.

8 Levels of Resistance and other Important Features

Among the various essential features include the eight levels of resistance. You can choose the ideal level for the perfect workout. It has a large dial knob that you can use effectively to select the most appropriate level.

The heart rate pulse grips give you the right information that you need to determine your progress. The sensor is on a convenient handlebar, and you don’t have to search for it to get the pulse rate.

You will also find the easy-to-use console with a bright LCD to provide useful information regarding the workout. It will help you determine how much progress you are making whenever you need to make some changes to align with your goals.

Foldable and Compact

The exercise bike folds conveniently for storage, and it is not very heavy to carry from one place to the other. It has some transportation wheels that you can comfortably use to move it.

The Solid X frame design does not take a lot of your floor space and is quite convenient. It is strong enough to hold significant amounts of weight, and you can be confident that it will not crumble.


The large padded seat and the lower back support provide all the comfort you need when exercising. It also has padded handlebars that give you additional support. Essentially, it is not every day that you find this feature on exercise bikes.

The precision-balanced flywheel weighs 3.3 lbs and provides a smooth operation to help with your workout. It is quiet and maintenance-free. The friction-free magnetic resistance makes sure of that.

The strap foot pedals are adjustable and convenient. You can fine-tune them to fit your feet for efficiency when pedaling comfortably.

Unlike some equipment on the market that produce a lot of noise, this one is pretty quiet, and you can focus on something else like a TV show when exercising.

A convenient accessory holder is a perfect place for your phone or remote. You don’t have to miss any call, and you can change the TV station while still working out.

Progress Features

It has various features that provide the progress of the workout. For example, the pulse grips on the handlebars help you determine the heart rate. The LCD window displays the speed, heart rate, distance, calories, and time.

The two AA battery-powered console does not need an electrical outlet, and that makes it a bit more portable and convenient. You don’t need to exercise close to an electrical outlet.


  • Eight levels of resistance
  • Heart rate pulse sensor on the convenient handlebar
  • The accessory pocket where you can put your smartphone
  • Easy to use the console with bright LCD
  • Folds easily and is quite portable
  • The exercise bike folds easily and has some transportation for portability
  • The precision-balanced flywheel that provides a smoother operation
  • Bright LCD that provides the necessary information
  • Friction-free magnetic resistance for a quiet operation


  • The back seat angle is not adjustable
  • It may not be appropriate for short people

What to Look For while buying the Best Folding Exercise Bike

Several features may need to look out for when choosing a folding exercise bike. All the highlights in this list may not be necessary for your needs. However, make sure that most of them are in your ideal folding exercise bike, and he will not rue your decision.


Portability, lightweight design, and foldability do not mostly go together with sturdiness, at least for most devices on the market. However, stability and steadiness are critical when it comes to exercise bikes. You cannot do a good number of exercises, a wobbly exercise bike.

Such equipment does not inspire confidence, and achieving the exercise goals would be a pipe dream. You cannot lose those extra pounds if you don’t have confidence that the stationary bike will help you.

So, are folding exercise bikes any good? Yes, but you have to be careful when making the purchase decision.

All the attachments and materials used on the folding exercise bike should be of the best quality. They should be strong and durable.

Don’t compromise on both.

Folding exercise bikes are an investment, and nobody fancies throwing away money on equipment that doesn’t align with your objectives or goals.

Easy Setup

The main reason for buying a folding exercise bike is to save time, and of course, a space. It will, therefore, defeat logic if a folding exercise bike is difficult to set up. Most people don’t want to spend a significant amount of time fumbling on how to put together the exercise bike before they can do the real work.

Steve Jobs once stated that simplicity in a product is the genius. It is tougher to make something simple than it is to make it complicated. The same thing applies to folding exercise bikes.

The best among them is simple to set up, and it only takes a few minutes. You only have a few minutes in the morning before you can do something productive, and such simplicity goes a long way.

Fitness Level

Your skill level is another vital factor to think about when purchasing that folding exercise bike. For example, you cannot use the same type of bike with an experienced biker if you are recovering from an injury, or you are just starting.

Certain models are only for specific levels of skill, and you need to be careful when choosing. You will still find some premier models that allow you to choose between the different levels depending on your needs. If that is the case, then such a bike would be the most appropriate.

People recovering from a back injury or are suffering from joint pains will find a recumbent bike as fitting for their conditions. They are also a breeze to get on and off.

But if your fitness level is all good, and you need something challenging, then the upright exercise bike is in every way, for you. The various resistance levels and other features will prove useful.

Levels and Resistance

And while magnetic resistance is the most common form of resistance, others may prove as useful, or even better depending on your needs.

So which are the different forms of resistance and levels?

  • The flywheel resistance is not very common, especially when it comes to folding exercise bikes. Typically, a large flywheel creates a better assistant than a smaller one. However, it may come with a significant cost to portability.

You may find that a particular flywheel is as massive as 50 pounds, and that is not always a good thing, especially for folding recumbent bikes. The main idea is to find an exercise bike that is easy to handle because you don’t have all the time.

Sometimes you will find this feature combined with others to create a better resistance.

However, the flywheel is making way for better methods, and you may want to decide against choosing it. Change is good, and you can be sure that the contemporary resistance method is better.

  • Serious cyclists and other exercise enthusiasts are finding friction resistance ideal. You should know as well. The friction resistance is all about using brakes to create some level of resistance when pedaling.

Essentially, it is quite adequate, and you can customize it according to your needs. It is the same way that you apply brakes to moving bicycles, and you can decide how much force you need to apply to get the desired result.

Unfortunately, the brake resistance is not the best for home use. They produce a lot of noise, and your roommates may hate you for using it, and of course, that is not the idea.

You also need to ensure essential maintenance so that the brakes will work as you intend them to.

But if you don’t mind the loud noise and the required essential maintenance, then the brake resistance may be the best for you. After all, you are looking for a machine that helps you keep fit and productive.

  • Fan-based resistance is one of the most interesting, and of course, functional. Instead of the flywheel or any other resistance such as friction, this type uses a fan. This type of resistance is suitable for workout enthusiasts and cycling hobbyists.

The faster you cycle, the more resistance it creates. This is good for people that need a good challenge when working out. Of course, it would not be practical to stay at the same level for a long time.

The benefit of fan-based resistance is the additional airflow that keeps you cool as you exercise. We will, therefore, work out more, and achieve the goals that you want.

  • Magnetic resistance is one of the most popular for home use. It does not require maintenance, and using it is no big deal. Operation is as effortless as can be, and that’s the main idea.

It is the simplicity that Steve Jobs was talking about – some effortless operation for the user. Magnetic resistance is one of the quietest, and your roommate can finally have peace of mind while you put in some workouts to get rid of that bulging belly fat.

You can also do something else as you exercise, such as talk on the phone, listen to your desired music or even watch a video when working out. It becomes more enjoyable, and nothing has to stop just because you are burning some calories.


It is critical that the exercise bike is comfortable if you are going to use it for a significant amount of time. You cannot get up early in the morning only to deal with an exercise bike that you can’t wait to get off it and do something else. A comfortable exercise bike is motivating, and you can achieve the goals that you have.

One factor that determines comfort in an exercise bike is adjustability. An adjustable exercise bike allows you to make the necessary changes to fit your needs. The more flexible it is, the better.

Various features are entirely adjustable, and it includes the pedals, seat, and handlebars. Adjustable height is another important feature that contributes to your comfort.

Apart from adjustability, the padding on the seat, and back is essential. It reduces shock and discomfort associated with pedaling, and that is a good thing. The gel padded seat covers are quite common, and they are comfortable in the majority of the cases.


What benefits do I get from an exercise bike?

Some of the benefits of having an exercise bike in your home include flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, lower body composition, and strength, as well as circulation.

What is the weight limit of folding exercise bikes?

The weight limit of different exercise bikes vary. However, most of them are around 250 pounds, which is not so bad. But you can as well get a weight limit of up to 300 lbs, or even more. Determine your weight and then choose based on that.

It is possible to choose the wrong weight limit, and assume that the exercise bike will do just fine. However, you would be risking injury, and of course, your investment.

How much space will I need for a folding exercise bike?

It is not easy to provide a definite answer, but you should know that folding exercise bikes have a lesser footprint than other types of bikes. Folding exercise bikes are a bit more compact than their counterpart, the upright folding bikes.

Their folded dimensions vary across different models, and so it is not always easy to give a standard answer. You can get the aspects from the product descriptions, and you can compare it against the space that you have.

Does having folding bikes around pose any safety risk for children?

Folding bikes, like any other equipment, can be dangerous for children. They have moving parts, and the small body parts of children can get caught between.

The beautiful thing is that folding bikes are easy to fold and put away after every exercise routine. If your home has kids, take extra measures to ensure their safety.

How easy is it to assemble folding exercise bikes?

Folding exercise bikes are mostly easy to assemble compared to other exercise equipment. The main goal of the design is for convenient folding and storage, and therefore, they are not a hassle to put together.

Make sure that the folding exercise bike comes with assembly tools, an instruction manual, and all accessories needed for the assembly. It is a good idea to head over to the customer reviews, and see what good thing the users have to say about a particular folding exercise bike in terms of assembly.

Are the seats of folding bikes are comfortable?

The seats of different exercise bikes vary in terms of comfort. You can get a padded seat, or even others with additional features such as adjustability, seat swaps, and backrest to enhance your comfort when exercising. You will also find breathable seats with a kind of mesh to allow free flow of air.

How do you determine if a folding exercise bike is comfortable?

There are various ways that you can know if a particular folding bike is comfortable for you. of course, you can go through the product descriptions, and identify the features that will be comfortable for you such as adjustability, fans, mesh seat and back, and padding.

But you should know better than to take the word of marketers or manufacturers at face value. Read what other customers are saying about the particular model in terms of comfort.

Will the folding exercise bike help me lose weight?

Various factors will contribute to losing weight and achieving that ideal body shape. Among them include your current weight, frequency of exercises, diet, and motivation.

The secret formula to losing weight is burning more fat can you are taking in. You may need to watch what you put into your mouth if at all you want to see some good results.

That said, exercise bikes are some of the best equipment to help you burn some calories and lose weight. The good thing is that you can do other activities such as watch TV, listen to music, and even talk with your customers while you are putting in some functional cardio exercises. How convenient could exercising be?

Wrapping Up

The best folding exercise bike is what anyone with a small space in their homes, and who want to keep fit would go for.

Typically, Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike is the best among them with a high weight capacity of about 400 lbs and quiet operation.

It is easy to fold and comes with transportation wheels that you can use to move the exercise bike from one location to the other.

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