Best recumbent exercise bike Reviews and buying guide of 2020

The majority of exercise buffs prefer biking to running, and it’s understandable. Of course, biking is a bit fun compared to jogging or walking. Stationary bikes achieve the same exercise goals as regular bikes, but both cannot match the benefits of recumbent exercise bikes.

You see, stationary bikes may hurt some of the body parts such as prostate for men. Also, prolonged use by women can cost them their genital sensation. On the other hand, recumbent exercise bikes give your spine and joints a break.

The best recumbent exercise bike does not stand in the way of your blood circulation and help you put in some good workouts.

NameWeightUser WeightPrice
Exerpeutic 900XL 63lbs 300lbs Check Price
Marcy Recumbent 60lbs 300lbs Check Price
Schwinn 270 93lbs 300lbs Check Price
Stamina Elite Total Body 117lbs 250lbs Check Price
PROGEAR 555LXT 60lbs 250lbs Check Price

Our Pick of Top-Rated Recumbent Exercise Bike

Working out should be as fun as possible, and no exercise equipment helps you achieve that better than a recumbent bike. Of course, there are others but, recumbent bikes are the particular category as anyone that uses them will tell you.

However, having the best recumbent bike that motivates you to go farther in your exercises is ideal, and that is where Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike comes in.

You will have to admit that technology is now a big part of our life and it is not a bad thing, especially if it makes our work convenient. Well, there is so much negativity associated with technology when it comes to being active.  It is no secret that technology has made the majority of us inactive and unhealthy.

However, such technology proves useful when used to achieve several workout goals, and that is where such an exercise machine as Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike proves useful.

But why do we like this recumbent bike? Is it fun as it sounds?

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

The simple answer to that is, pretty much!

Typically, Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is what any tech-savvy individual would prefer as it boasts nice features that not only make your workouts easy but fun too. The exercise bike allows perfect synchronization with the trainer app making the organization of your workouts to be such a breeze.

That means you don’t have to deal with so much paper and notebooks trying to keep track of your exercises.

Other features that you will love include virtual traveling using the Ridesocial app. That means you can get to experience the different outdoor terrains in the comfort of your home. You connect with your friends and have fun together through this app – exercises were never this fun!

The recumbent bike has Bluetooth connectivity for flawless device communication, and even better, 25 levels of resistance. That means you have all you need to achieve your workout goals.

With a machine like Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike, you no longer have an excuse not to keep fit and healthy.

5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

Whether you are searching for the best recumbent exercise bike or a personal recumbent exercise bike, you will need some guidance.  You need to know which the best is and what makes them the best. And towards that goal, we discuss five of the most popular brands that will help you exercise in the following recumbent exercise bike reviews.

Becoming healthy and happy is only a few clicks away. Enjoy the read!

1. Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 1111 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse


The Exerpeutic 900XL is the kind of recumbent exercise bike you should be looking for if you are after a blend of quality and functionality. It is the type of machinery that will help you lose those extra pounds you added when you landed your dream job. But what makes Exerpeutic 900XL ideal?

Well, we can say that the recumbent bike looks good, but is that all there is?  Definitely not!  We find out in the following recumbent bike review.


Well, the exercise equipment has an attractive design that makes you feel like hopping on and burning some calories there and then. But didn’t your mother tell you that looks can be deceiving?  The good news is that you won’t have to worry about the deceiving looks, the bike delivers.

The cardiovascular workout you get from this machinery is challenging and worth the effort. It is pretty much equivalent to what you would get from riding an actual bike. Even better, the recumbent bike allows you to customize your ride.

The Magnetic Tension Control System makes it possible to vary the resistance to challenge yourself as you grow into the workouts.  Honestly, this is one benefit that you can never get from a real bike. Well, you can choose to ride across different terrains, but you can never get the comfort of varying your exercises according to your fitness level.

The real bike may give you a great outdoor experience, but it cannot manage the control you get from the recumbent bike. And, of course, control is a good thing! Ask any trainer!

The tension control system has eight levels you can choose from depending on your comfort level and capability.  That means you can start from the lowest and gradually increase the resistance as you become stronger and burn more calories. Essentially, the Exerpeutic 900XL is equivalent to running but much safer.


Talking of safety, the recumbent bike as one of the safest workout machinery you can own.

Typically, the chain and other mechanisms that make it possible for the pedals to move are within an enclosing. That means the little children cannot get their fingers or other body parts hurt.  Furthermore, there are no sharp edges on the recumbent bike.


The recumbent bike is the best definition of a user-friendly workout machine. As such, you will not need any manual to operate. But that’s beside the point.

The equipment comes with a large LCD that indicates your actual performance. For example, it provides your heart rate information, as well as, the speed you are attaining. You also get to know the number of calories you are burning.

The benefit of all this is that it helps you set goals and achieve them.

Mostly, the formula for losing weight is burning more calories than you are getting from food and drinks.  You can estimate how many calories you are taking in a day and then determine how much you need to burn.

Therefore, you can set your weight loss goals efficiently through the help of this workout machine. That is what we mean by user-friendly – don’t you agree?


The Exerpeutic 900XL best optimizes the benefits that recumbent bikes have over the traditional upright bikes. Their ergonomic design reduces stress to your back and joints – working out should never be uncomfortable and a source of pain for anyone.

Instead, it should be fun, and that is what this recumbent bike is all about. It is fun to use.

The product also features an adjustable height so that you can choose the height that is according to your comfort level. Furthermore, you may be sharing the exercise bike with others in your household or club, and who have a different height from yours.


  • The exercise bike is user-friendly
  •  it is comfortable
  • Comes with a large LCD that provides all the necessary information you need
  • The machine is safe with the chain mechanism inside an enclosure
  • It has an attractive design 


  • Several customers highlight some issues with its durability 

2. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

The Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike is another excellent workout machine that we’ll help you keep in shape and attractive. What will strike you at first glance is the beautiful design.

It is quite appealing equipment that your friends will envy you for.  The following are some of the features that we love.

Easy to use

The step-through design is one feature that you must applaud, especially if you’re suffering from back pain or have trouble lifting your leg. The design allows you to mount and dismount comfortably without having to raise your leg or body. It is a great feature especially for those recovering from a medical procedure or illness.

8 Difficulty Levels

Some skeptics don’t believe that an indoor exercise bike can achieve as much as an outdoor bicycle. However, the indoor equipment has loads of advantages over the actual bike.  Well, apart from the back support and joint protection, the recumbent bike has eight difficulty levels to choose from.

Mostly, these difficulty levels mirror the different outdoor terrains that you encounter when riding a real bike. We can confidently say that; there’s nothing lost here by opting for the recumbent bike over the real one.

The different difficulty levels help select the ideal workout according to your fitness level. We all have those down moments that we feel tired, and we don’t want to do anything.

At such a time, you can choose the lowest levels to ensure that you put in some workout no matter the mood you have.

Working out is the easiest way that you can lift your moods, and it doesn’t have to be difficult.  But it is not only for the easy are workouts. If you are looking for a little challenge, then you can choose the difficulty level.

Easy to Read Screen

It is always fun and motivating to feel that you are achieving something from the workout.  As the adage says, ‘seeing is believing,’ and what better way to believe that you are burning calories from your body than through an easy-to-read screen?

Typically, the Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike has a very clear screen that displays all the necessary information highlighting your performance. It shows you the speed and distance that you are traveling so that you can easily set your goals.

Unlike the standard bike, the recumbent bike allows you to take a break at any stage that you feel you need to. Unfortunately, you will need to go back home no matter how tired you are riding an outdoor bike.

The numbers on the screen are easy to read.  They are bold enough that anyone, even those with sight problems can read it.


You can be sure that the recumbent bike is not the equipment that will leave you in pain after the exercise. Some people avoid workouts because of the associated discomforts. However, that will be a thing of the past with this recumbent bike.

The recumbent bike has high-density foam within the seat and back. The padded recline back is another source of comfort. It has handles with sufficient padding for additional support.

Another source of comfort is the perfectly weighted pedals, but that is not all. The pedals have foot straps to provide adequate support and fit to avoid slips as you exercise.


Unlike the traditional exercise bikes that seemed to demand a lot of space, this recumbent bike is compact and will fit the small space you have. You can finally start losing the extra weight and be back to your former self again.


  • Features an appealing design
  • The exercise bike is easy to use
  • It has eight difficulty levels to choose from
  • Features an easy to read the screen
  • Padded seat, back, and armrests for comfort
  • Easy to use
  • A compact exercise bike 


  • The pedal straps are not wide enough to allow sneakers
  • Instructions on using the computer are not clear enough
  • It may take some time to assemble 

3. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Many of us love equipment that integrates technology into them. Of course, we are living in exciting times where technological devices have taken over every aspect of our life.

In the world of exercise bikes, technology is gradually becoming a standard feature.  However, not many recumbent bikes can boast hi-tech features like Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike.

Incorporates Technology

It is not every day that you encounter an exercise machine with a futuristic theme. Thanks to Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike that is now a reality.  For starters, the recumbent bike features Bluetooth connectivity for efficient device communication.

And for your benefit, the device synchronizes with the trainer app so that you can keep track of your exercises.  As such, working out has never been easier.

Furthermore, you can download the RideSocial app and have fun with a few of your friends as you virtually travel and see the world.  It makes it seem like you are biking across different locations around the world with your friends – could anything be more fun than this?

The benefit of the Ridesocial app is that it is motivating.  It will only surprise you the much calories you are burning even without realizing it. There’s no better way of burning calories than having fun when doing it.

To make it even easier, for your training, the device comes with 12 profiles and 29 programs.  Therefore, you no longer have to keep a diary or a notebook of all the exercises that you need to do to achieve a specific goal. That is what technology is all about, making our work easier!

Furthermore, it also features nine heart rate controls. It is a real workout powerhouse that will help you lose the extra pounds and become more confident than you have ever been.

The exercise machine connects to a standard wall outlet, and you will not need any changes to the wiring. Some devices can prove problematic in that regard.

High Intensity

You will notice that the other recumbent exercise bikes only have a few resistance levels, not like this product. Amazingly, Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike has 25 levels of resistance. Typically, that is more than enough workout to make you healthy and active.

Getting more challenges is always a good thing especially when it comes to working out.  That is how you get stronger and burn more calories. Technology and the many levels of resistance work, together, to give you the perfect workout.

It is fun having to travel virtually with your friends on different terrains and feel the resistance as you travel on difficult parts. Even better, you experience all this in the comfort of your home – could work out be this fun?


Apart from all the technology features the device has, it also boasts high inertia and efficient flywheel. It starts easy, and peddling is smooth.

Furthermore, mounting and dismounting is a piece of cake. You will not need to lift your leg when mounting, which is a good thing for those times when you don’t feel like doing anything.


Most of the younger generations cannot do anything without music. You see, music creates a feel-good sensation that motivates you to go farther in your workouts.  In that regard, this recumbent bike is what we can refer to as an entertainment center.

But why do we give it such a big name? They are big shoes to fill, as a matter of fact.

However, the workout machine has lots of features to claim the title deservedly.

For starters, it has a media shelf that conveniently holds your iPad or other devices to enjoy some entertainment even as you negotiate the virtual terrain. No one said that you shouldn’t enjoy some music when biking up the hill or jumping off a cliff.

It also has an MP3 input console for additional entertainment options. And if your devices are running low on charge, there is a USB media charging for that purpose.

Do you still think this recumbent bike doesn’t deserve this title?


  • Allows synchronization with the  trainer app for easier training
  • You have access to the Ridesocial app for a fun-filled virtual traveling
  • features Bluetooth connectivity for  device communication
  • It connects to a standard wall outlet
  • Has up to 25 levels of resistance
  • High  inertia drive system for smooth pedaling
  • Easy mounting and dismounting
  • An entertainment center
  • A clear LCD 


  • The seat may not be the most comfortable
  • The vast display and many entertainment options may be distracting 

4. Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

The attractive metallic design is a winner for this product. To give credit where it’s due, Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike is a great acquisition that seems to add some level of aesthetic appeal to the room. The shiny metallic look is something that would make anyone proud.

But it is not only the appeal that stands out concerning this product.


In the majority of cases, efficiency concerns flawless operation. And if that is the case, then this recumbent bike is the most efficient. But why do we say that?

If you are familiar with exercise bikes, and in particular, recumbent bikes, then you know that the majority of them produce some noise.

We are different, and some people will not feel comfortable working around noise. And that is where Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike comes in.

The quiet operation of this recumbent bike may be unsettling for some people. As such, they may even think but it is not functioning, but nothing could be further from the truth. Essentially, the magnetic resistance is quiet and efficient.

That is good news for the exercise buffs that live with roommates who never want any amount of noise when working. You can work out as your colleague studies for the final. But seriously, our point is that this equipment is quiet.

It also features 8-level resistance, and you can grow into the workouts. That means you can vary the magnetic resistance depending on your fitness level.


Another excellent feature of this recumbent bike is its user-friendliness. There is no doubt that you will completely love it based on its simple controls and bright display.

The electronic display tracks your performance so that you can determine your progress.  In other words, the LCD lets you know about the speed you are peddling, the heart rate, calories you are burning, and the distance achieved.

In that context, you can quickly determine whether you’re making any progress or you are just wasting your time. But really, the question of wasting your time does not feature in any way when working out using a recumbent bike. You are sure to burn some calories.

The exercise bike comes with pulse sensors to track your heart rate and help keep the workout to a healthy bracket. Yes, sometimes the excitement of working out can be too much that we may forget you also need to maintain some level of heart rate not to overdo it.  A healthy percentage is between 70% and 85%.

Arms Workout

A good number of recumbent bikes do not come with arms workout feature. They are all about working out the lower part of the body. However, Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike is an exception.

The recumbent bike comes with hand pedals so that even your upper body gets the necessary workout. Your hands also need some exercise for full-body health.


Despite the rugged look, the exercise bike is quite comfortable to use. The padded adjustable seat helps you attain the right posture and comfort when exercising. The angled backrest contributes to your optimal comfort, and you can achieve your workout objectives effortlessly.

It might not seem like it, but the steel frame contributes to your comfort. You see, a stable structure makes you feel confident add you can concentrate on what you are doing, rather than trying to balance so that you will not fall off.

The machine also comes with textured pedals to provide an efficient grip as you work out. They have straps to hold your foot to the lever so that you can be efficient by avoiding slips.


  • Very sturdy construction
  • Appealing metallic design
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet magnetic resistance
  • A clear display
  • Hand  pedals for a full body workout
  • comfortable chair
  • A sturdy steel frame
  • 8 level resistance
  • Textured pedals  for a good grip 


  •  Among the heaviest exercise bikes
  • The handlebars may not have adequate resistance for a good workout 

5. PROGEAR 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike

Progear 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike with Workout Goal Setting Computer

Simplicity in design is what this recumbent bike is all about. It has some of the most straightforward controls that you’ll ever find. The machine is a real gem for some people.

Simple Controls

The ideal recumbent bike is not so hard to use. Most people avoid the things that they don’t understand, and the same case applies to workout equipment. However, that is not the case with PROGEAR 555LXT.

The display only shows three important workout stats, and that includes calories burned, distance and time elapsed. Other recumbent bikes may have more stats but, these three are the most important, and conclusively determine your progress.

Additionally, the recumbent bike has a full LCD with large numbers which makes it easier for you to track your progress.  The good thing about this clarity is that you don’t need to stop to peer through and see your progress.


As mentioned earlier, comfort is a highlight feature of recumbent bikes, making them better than the upright bikes. PROGEAR 555LXT is not an exception in that regard and has a padded and adjustable seat that provides all the comfort you need. And to make it easier for you, the exercise equipment features rail slider adjustments that move smoothly.

It only takes a few seconds to adjust and get the right height for you or any other user. You will also notice that the seat is more extended than the others which is a good thing as it accommodates a wide range of people of different body sizes and shapes.

The cushioned backrest offers sufficient support to your back. That means chances of back pain are minimal. The slight incline of this backrest gives you the perfect posture to work those lower body muscles.

It has oversized pedals that allow you to use your favorite sneakers as you work out. Even better, the pedals have straps that adequately hold your feet for flawless exercises. That means you only need to focus on what you are doing – that is what a perfect workout is all about, concentration and focus.

You will love the built-in water bottle holder that helps you keep hydrated as you pedal away those extra calories. The water bottle holder is not a standard feature in most recumbent bikes, but it is essential.  There can never be a perfect workout without keeping your body hydrated.

Compact and Portable

The recumbent bike is compact than its peers and thus ideal for small spaces.  It can fit the tight space you have between your bed and the window depending on your room organization – You know how limited living areas can be especially if you are a town dweller.

But the fact that it is compact does not mean it will be uncomfortable for tall people. Interestingly, it can accommodate up to 6 feet 3 inches tall people – not kidding!

Another great feature that you will not find in most other recumbent bikes is the front wheels for comfortable transportation. What that means is that you can move the recumbent bike effortlessly from one location to the other. It is mainly a great feature for some of us that have minimal spaces.

You can move the bike from the location you will be doing your exercises to another one for storage – it is as easy as it can get.

14-levels Magnetic Resistance

The recumbent exercise bike features 14 levels of magnetic resistance, which is better than most on the market. It is not a secret that the majority of its peers have eight levels.

That means you have an extensive range of exercise regimens to choose from, which is good for growth. As long as you are exercising, you will grow stronger, and you need additional resistance to complement the extra strength.


  • Simple controls
  • adjustable and comfortable seat
  • Has smooth adjustments
  • A compact exercise bike
  • 14 levels of magnetic resistance
  • A full LCD with large numbers for clarity
  • Cushioned backrest for enhanced comfort
  • Front wheels for easy movement 


  • It may not be easy to assemble for some people
  • Adjusting the seat may become a problem over time 

What to Look For when Buying the Best Recumbent Bikes

It’s no secret that recumbent bikes are better than regular bikes when it comes to putting in workouts. Recumbent bikes protect your critical body parts and joints while helping you achieve the best workout to keep in shape. The exercise machines are ideal for keeping your heart healthy, and of course, it boosts your immune system.

But you know how it is. The best products eventually get many producers, some of who are not very honest. You see, we are living in an increasingly globalized world where consumer products are as numerous as the grains of sand.  As such, it can be challenging to determine which among them is quality and will fulfill our needs sufficiently.

The following are some of the factors that will help you identify the right recumbent bikes to live a healthy lifestyle that you desire.

Your Needs

We have different workout needs. You may want a recumbent bike that helps you put in some light exercises to assist you in the recovery process. If that is the case, then you are okay with a recumbent bike that features light peddling.

You will also find the best recumbent bike for seniors– we wrote another article on the same – to cater to the needs of seniors. They are more user-friendly than some of the others on the market, and it is a good thing.

Workaholics will also find a recumbent bike that incorporates a particular kind of work desk where they can continue with their work even as they work out. You don’t have to miss the deadline on account of exercising. Such kind of recumbent bikes is akin to hitting the proverbial two birds with one stone.

But most of us want a recumbent bike with growth potential.  Your ultimate goal is to increase your strength and endurance. As such, you need a stable workout bike that has the option to harden the peddling as you grow in strength.

A machine with light pedals may not help you achieve your workout goals in the long run.

Weight Limit

The best recumbent bike comfortably accommodates your weight. Well, you can exercise on a bike that you exceed the weight limit, but it is not advisable. Chances of injury and damaging the equipment are high.

It wouldn’t be a good thing to wake up one day and find that your bike can no longer work as it used to. To avoid embarrassing situations, it is always a good thing to choose the right weight limit for you. Don’t succumb to the temptation of buying a lower weight limit to save some cash.

Available Space

For the majority of us that live in rented apartments within the town, living space may be minimal. Before you can purchase a recumbent bike, determine the much space you have to avoid problems. It would be frustrating to find that your workout machine is bigger than the available space you have.

Get a tape measure and measure the space that you want the recumbent bike to sit, and then purchase on that basis – it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Entertainment Options

We are living in an age where technology has taken over most of our lives.  But we are not complaining. We like it.

The best recumbent bike will have entertainment options such as music for motivation to peddle your way to health and good feeling. Alternatively, the recumbent bike may feature a USB port and even storage space for your iPad.

Some of us may not want to miss our favorite TV program. We all have that one show that seems to tickle our interest.

If so, make sure that the bike comes with this option – workout should be as fun as possible. We all love some form of entertainment as we put in some hard work into a workout regimen.

The Seat

If you are planning on working out more than 3 hours at a time, then it is a good idea to get the most comfortable seat you can find. Typically, your choice of position can determine your endurance level, and whether you fulfill your workout goals.

The best recumbent bike comes with a reclined back, curved to offer optimal support to your spine. They also have a breathable mesh material to ensure that you don’t have to deal with the uncomfortable, sweaty back.

However, you will still find recumbent bike seats that are not breathable but rather, feature a cushy seat covered with synthetic leather material. We are all different, and some will prefer a cushy seat that doesn’t necessarily have to be breathable.


There are numerous recumbent bikes on the market that have varying price ranges. It does not always mean that a premium priced bike is the best quality.  There are still quality, low price bikes that will fulfill your needs adequately.

You don’t always have to spend large amounts to acquire particular workout equipment. There is a common misconception that workout equipment is expensive and reserved for the rich. But that is not the case.

You will still find a good model that is within a comfortable price range for you.  Ideally, create a list of all the features you consider indispensable and then search for your bike based on this list. Nothing could be as simple as this – don’t you agree?


Noise from a recumbent bike is not an issue for most people. However, there are some that may not be comfortable with too much noise coming from it. But where does this noise come from?

Well, some recumbent bikes come with such features as fans for comfort when working out. The pedals are another source of noise, and it may increase depending on the resistance they pose as you work out. Another source of noise may be the seat.

If you desire silence when working out, then the noise level of your machine comes into play. Choose your ideal recumbent bike based on this factor, if you prefer it that way.

You may also be living with a roommate that does not appreciate the noise coming from the machine. It may prove hard to concentrate on anything if the sound is too significant.


Studies indicate that exercise equipment injures thousands of children every year. Therefore, if you have children in your household, make sure the recumbent bike has safety features such as enclosed mechanics.

There should never be any exposed parts like the chain and flywheel where the children can put their fingers and other body parts and get injured.

Other Features

Every recumbent bike on the market is different from the other based on features and of course brand. Talking of features, some brands on the market have top-of-the-range features that makes working out as much fun as can be.

For example, some come with USB ports where you can connect your phone or USB drive and enjoy some music or videos as you sweat those calories out. Others may also have LCD that shows your progress regarding calories burned, the distance covered, and your weekly goal.

You will also find recumbent bikes with different tension levels, water bottle holders and textured handlebars. There are also excellent recumbent bikes that feature interactive programs to support communication with other users. It is a great feature to encourage each other in your workout journey.


Not all recumbent bikes are the same. Some are more durable than others. But how do you determine the durability of one machine over another?  Do you believe what the manufacturers claim?

Of course not!

Various ways can help you determine the durability of a recumbent bike and among them is brand. There will always be better brands than others. No doubt about that.

As such, some will effortlessly outlive others.

It is not hard to determine which brand is better than the other.  In most cases, you will find satisfied customer reviews online that indicate their experience with a particular machine. The higher the number of happy recumbent bike reviews from customers, the better the recumbent bike is – simple arithmetic!


What is a recumbent exercise bike?

Well, the various exercise equipment that can help with your workout and among them is recumbent exercise bike.  Typically, these are just stationary cycles, with a reclining backrest and seat. The exercise bike allows you to put in some work out effortlessly.

The exercise equipment is comfortable to use than an upright bike. And unlike the upright bike, the recumbent exercise bikes have pedals that are in front. As such, the pedal position is ergonomic and thus comfortable to use.

Are there recumbent bikes with the moving arms for a workout?

Of course, you will find recumbent bikes that feature moving arms to work out your upper body.  Unfortunately, there are not many of them. Well, if you can find one that allows you to work out your arms, then well and good.  They will make it possible to exercise various muscles on your body.

How do you adjust the seat on a recumbent bike?

In the majority of cases, there are three ways through which you can adjust the seat. Among them is adjusting the back to provide more space for sitting. You can as well change while off it.

The last method is making adjustments while seated. The technique of seat adjustment varies between models. You can choose the ideal recumbent bike depending on how much you need to change the seat.

Do recumbent bikes have heart rate monitoring?

Several models of recumbent bikes come with some form of heart monitoring capability. Among the most common include pulse sensors. And even though pulse sensors are not the most accurate, they are a good option for tracking progress.

You will also find recumbent bikes with a heart rate strap, which provides a better and more accurate heart rate reading than the pulse sensors. The only catch is that they are a bit more expensive.

Are there recumbent bikes with a weight capacity of more than 300 lbs.?

You will find that the majority of recumbent bikes have a weight limit of up to 300 lbs.  Well, it makes sense since most of the people are below the weight limit.  However, that does not mean that there are not heavier people, above the 300 lbs. limit.

The good news is that you will still find some rated as 325 pounds. There is also 350 lbs. As well as 400 pounds.

How tall will I need to be to use the recumbent bike efficiently?

The average height that most of the recumbent bikes accommodate is between 5 feet and 6 feet.  That’s the average height of human beings. If you are taller than 6 feet, then you will have a problem finding the ideal recumbent exercise bike. But don’t throw in the towel just yet.

Are there recumbent exercise bikes for people taller than 6 feet?

While it is difficult to find recumbent bikes for people more than 6 feet tall, it is not impossible. Some brands specialize in making exercise bikes for tall people. But which are these brands?

Among the favorites include Ironman H-Class 410 which exceeds the 6 feet limit by 4 inches.  Also, Ironman X-Class 410 Has the same height limit as Ironman H-Class 410.

Wrapping Up

The best recumbent exercise bike comfortably fulfills your workout needs.  The exercise bike is safe to use and has all the right features to make working out fun and not an inconvenience.

The above five products are some of the best sellers on the market at the moment and will make great options for you.

However, nothing beats the functionality of the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike. It has some of the most fun features that incorporate technology and the best of all, the 25 magnetic resistance levels.

Typically, it has almost everything you would expect futuristic recumbent exercise bike to have, and it is fun.

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